Small setup with server on raspberry pi and MacOSx and Windows10 clients - help

Hi you all,

I have a small setup with seafile server on a Raspberry pi and 3 clients - 2 on Mac and one on Windows 10. What I’m trying to do is to synchronize a folder to have same content on each of the clients and the server (just like I’d do with Google Drive). I’m really a beginner with this kind of stuff.

I don’t know if it’s the correct sequence but first I’m creating a library then synchronize with an existing folder (with the same name) on one of the clients. The files are uploaded on server. Then on the other clients should I do the same (not so sure what the select button at the bottom of the client does)?
Would the folders be merged? cause this is what I’m tying to do. Is there a setting in the server/client where I could set up how many versions of one file seafile should keep - if it’s possible at all?

I have also a problem with “Failed to sync” error for certain files in windows because of " file path containing invalid carachters" or “ending with space”. Any cure for that? beside shifting to Linux or MacOsx.

Thank you.