Snapshots missing in some libraries

So I installed SeaDrive 2.0.1 and it wound up deleting all files that my user had access to. Bit of a bummer.

I was able to easily restore some of the libraries, but others only show the “current version” despite also showing that hundreds of files just got deleted.

The history of the libraries is 90 days, just like all the others - enforced by admin.

What can I do aside from restoring each individual deleted files?

First make sure that the garbage collector won’t run until the data is back. Without running gc nothing will be deleted.

Usually it would be possible to reset the whole library to an older state but it looks like that isn’t shown in the history page.

You could try to search in the commits folder (based on file creation date) and set the library to an older state by setting another commit as most recent commit in the database. When there has only been one change it should be enough to find the second most recent created file in commits/.

To find the cause - when the user didn’t actually delete the files (by accident) - the log of SeaDrive could help Seafile Ltd.

Another idea: Maybe it is enough to go to the trash and restore the files from there?

Yup, I ended up downloading an autoclicker and I am now restoring files that way.

I’ll try to see if I can find some logs from SeaDrive. Naturally I just uninstalled the client as quick as possible. Was pretty shocked of it’s behaviour, beta or not.

Of course it would still be nice to know why the snapshots are missing.