Solved: After return to 7.0.5 after faulty 7.1.4 upgrade, service _url:


after I tried to upgrade from 7.0.5 to 7.1.4 I couldn’t manage to make it work. Therefore I returned back to 7.0.5. Nearly everything works fine now but all of the shared links dont’t work because the links refer to http : //

In the online gui I tried to change the SERVICE_URL as well as FILE_SERVER_ROOT from to the real domain name. When I click to the tick to confirm no error message occours. But after refreshing the site the old/wrong entries are still there.

Any ideas?
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Solved it.
I edited the config-files manually and now everything works again.
Maybe there is a bug in 7.0.5 gui.

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Hi Sven, welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!

Glad you could solve your problem on your own.

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