[SOLVED] "Don't support syncing old version libraries" after upgrade to Ubunto 18.04 LTS


Unless you have the folder and libraries saved to a hard drive somewhere, then exporting would be the only way. Due to the way encrypted libraries work, I always keep a synced copy somewhere on another machine. That way, if the unencrypted library has a problem, I can simply delete it from Seafile and sync it back via a client. Do you have a backup copy by any chance?


Thanks for your answers. My libraries are unencrypted and I do have plenty of backups, this is not what I am worrying about. It is more the process of converting, which seems very tedious. I have many large libraries (>300G) and many users. This makes it complicated due to 3 main reasons: First, exporting and re-importing takes time and effort. Second, I guess the users have to (re)sync after the re-import again, which needs to be communicated and supported. Third, I don’t want to lose the history of files and directories.


Totally understandable with that many users. Those older libraries will eventually need to be converted anyway. Version 0 libraries are pre-version 3.0, and usually due to being encrypted at the time 3.0 was released. I find it strange that you have unencrypted libraries still on version 0.

I don’t know if I mentioned it in this thread or another, but I think I saw where someone wrote a script to convert the libraries. I don’t know if it preserves history or not, though.