[SOLVED] "Don't support syncing old version libraries" after upgrade to Ubunto 18.04 LTS

Unless you have the folder and libraries saved to a hard drive somewhere, then exporting would be the only way. Due to the way encrypted libraries work, I always keep a synced copy somewhere on another machine. That way, if the unencrypted library has a problem, I can simply delete it from Seafile and sync it back via a client. Do you have a backup copy by any chance?

Thanks for your answers. My libraries are unencrypted and I do have plenty of backups, this is not what I am worrying about. It is more the process of converting, which seems very tedious. I have many large libraries (>300G) and many users. This makes it complicated due to 3 main reasons: First, exporting and re-importing takes time and effort. Second, I guess the users have to (re)sync after the re-import again, which needs to be communicated and supported. Third, I don’t want to lose the history of files and directories.

Totally understandable with that many users. Those older libraries will eventually need to be converted anyway. Version 0 libraries are pre-version 3.0, and usually due to being encrypted at the time 3.0 was released. I find it strange that you have unencrypted libraries still on version 0.

I don’t know if I mentioned it in this thread or another, but I think I saw where someone wrote a script to convert the libraries. I don’t know if it preserves history or not, though.

I’m wondering if there is any kind of official statement to this?

Reading this it seems nobody is expected to have version 0 libraries anymore, so was everyone who started with 2.x or earlier expected to wander of to some other tool or what?

I’m really taken aback by this approach, it’s quite unusual to just abandon backwards-compatibility without any official migration path.

To me it seems the easiest to keep using older client versions until there is a solution for this. However, that does not help with the problem that version 0 libraries are also not supported by seadrive.

Only migration path to solve this is to upload the data to a new library. I’m also pretty sure that this won’t change as v3 has already been released more than 4 years ago.

There is an unofficial migration script available. See https://github.com/haiwen/seafile/issues/975#issuecomment-329775129