(solved) Elasticsearch on 9.0.3 Pro still not working

Upgraded to today to 9.0.3. Removed old docker of Elasticsearch 6.*. Installed as per server manual version 7.16.2 and followed again the install guide. Deleted all indexes.
When running “pro.py search --update” getting the same error messages and repeated few times. Summary looks like this: (last few lines after 200+ of the same error messages)
File “/opt/seafile/seafile-pro-server-9.0.3/pro/python/seafes/repo_data/init.py”, line 16, in to_dict
for i in result_proxy.mappings():
AttributeError: ‘ResultProxy’ object has no attribute ‘mappings’
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:124 thread_task: worker0 worker get 15 error
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [DEBUG] seafes:94 thread_task: Queue is empty, worker1 worker threads stop
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:119 thread_task: worker1 worker updated at 2022-01-03 13:12 time
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:124 thread_task: worker1 worker get 16 error
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:38 clear_worker: All worker threads has stopped.
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:72 run: index updated, total time 2.062624454498291 seconds
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:131 clear_deleted_repo: start to clear deleted repo
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:135 clear_deleted_repo: 0 repos need to be deleted.
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:139 clear_deleted_repo: deleted repo has been cleared
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:164 start_index_local:

Index updated, statistic report:

01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:165 start_index_local: [commit read] 16
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:166 start_index_local: [dir read] 0
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:167 start_index_local: [file read] 0
01/03/2022 13:12:24 [INFO] seafes:168 start_index_local: [block read] 0

This is your SQLAlchemy version problem. You need to upgrade it to version 1.4.x.

I had version 1.4.3. Upgraded to version 1.4.29.
Still the same error :frowning:

Maybe you should install SQLAlchemy using root user.

Uninstalled and installed again as root. Error remains same.
Python shows as 3.9.7, SQLAlchemy as 1.4.29

I had the same problem. In the end, i installed ALL pip requirements in both users, root and seafile. This helped and is now working.

i tried it both ways, only root and only in the seafile user. Neither worked.

YES! That did the trick! Now works on my side as well.