[Solved] Error After Login To Web Interface

Hi Guys,
I’m using server installer and followed the instructions according to this page:

After the installation has finished, I upgrade it from 7.1.0 to 7.1.4

Now, when I logged into the web interface, I was presented with ‘error’ messages written in red as you can see in the attachment. I can’t even click on my Avatar either (I know I suppose to be able to access System Admin page from the drop-down menu).

Please advise. Thanks in advance for any help!

I managed to fixed the problem. My mistake was when during minor upgrade from 7.1.0 to 7.1.4, I execute the script as user root. Should have done that as user seafile instead.

I simply change the permission of Seafile folder and its content to user seafile again and everything working fine now.