[SOLVED] Error uploading files with Firefox 50


a customer reported, the he is not able to upload files to Seafile after he updated Firefox from version 49 to 50. I can confirm his observation.

The error message on the client site looks like this:

On the server there is for each attempted upload a line like this:

[11/23/2016 12:08:11 PM] upload-file.c(508): [upload folder] Invalid relative path.[11/23/2016 12:08:11 PM] repo-op.c(2627): [mkdir with parent] Invalid relative path /.

My test environment:
Windows 8.1
Firefox 50
Seafile Pro 6.03 (Cluster)

I will do more tests right now.

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Why is there the “/” sign in front of the filename? This might cause the error.

When I upload something to my server, the dialog looks like this:


yes, there is a slash in front of the fine name, but the files were selected from directory on local and remote drives using the default dialog provided by Windows, so I don’t know why it is there instead of the proper path of the files.

I could not find any hint in the changelog of Firefox 50 what might have caused or explain this behavior.

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Hello both,

we also have a lot of these error warnings in the logs. I’ve never seen them before. On the other side no customer complained about problems until now. @daniel.pan Looks like the message, i’ve already sent you.

Just as a small supplement:

I could reproduce the error using Firefox 50 on Linux (Debian).


it’s not just a cosmetic issue, the files are definitely not uploaded.

Yeah, i see. Strange that i heard nothing from our customers. But it’s important to find a quick solution for this issue.

This is a Firefox 50 related bug. It will be fixed soon in the next release.

Starting from Firefox 50, it supports folder upload like Chrome, but it has a different implementation from Chrome. Our current code doesn’t handle it well.


Hi @daniel.pan,

please check also this issue at github https://github.com/haiwen/seafile/issues/1805

Could you please provide a solution for the Seafile server version 5.1.10 and 6.03?
We are still using 5.1.10 for our productive setup…

Many thanks in advance!

We will release a fixed version 6.0.4 in the beginning of next week.

OK, we will release a fixed version for 5.1 too.


In the meantime, please try add the following setting to seahub_settings.py


to avoid the problem. This will hidden the “upload a folder” button in Chrome too. But users can still drag and drop a folder to upload a folder.

Hi Daniel,

that you for the fast solution, it works well. :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

this bug is fixed in 6.0.4 - I just installed that version and re-enabled the folder upload.

Great work, and fast, too. :wink:

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Is the workaround for version 5.1.10 enough? (ENABLE_UPLOAD_FOLDER = False)

I’d like to avoid release a new 5.1 version if possible. Because we have to switch back to old packaging system with old Django version, which will take time.


Hi Daniel,

the workaround is okay for us and it is reasonable not to do an extra version.
We hopefully will switch to version 6 soon.

Best wishes