[SOLVED]Failed to install kernel driver Apple Mac High Sierra

Hello everybody,
Seafile Server is running on me Ububtu 16.04 lts in the current version.

I have no problem with Windows, IOS and Android

Once I install the Seadrive Client 0.91 Beta on an Apple Mac,
I get the following error message

Failed to Initialize: failed to install kernel driver

On a Windows 10, the Seadrive client works

The Apple Mac is the following

macOS High Sierra
Version 10.13.3

Do you have a tip for me ?

I’m happy about feedback
The client is beta and I’m curious

I have already asked in the German forum, but this problem
Nobody knows

The seadrive requires the root privilege to install the kernel driver. Can you check the permission?

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Thanks, that works

A friend of mine has this problem and asks me to help. But I don’t have and have never had a Mac and so don’t know anything about it.
Would you mind giving me a few details please? Is it just the installation that requires root privilege? Or running it? Can I do it via a single terminal command?
Thanks and sorry if my questions sound dumb to Mac users :rofl: !

My Friend, you can look hier

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In English Please? Is there a version?


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Can anyone show exactly the steps doing the installation, please? Even I logged in as administrator already, after installing and Mac verified the app, I have the same error when running the app.

Only happening on one Mac Yosemite. Other Macs with High Sierra are working fine.


How can i do this