[SOLVED]Failed to install kernel driver Apple Mac High Sierra


Hello everybody,
Seafile Server is running on me Ububtu 16.04 lts in the current version.

I have no problem with Windows, IOS and Android

Once I install the Seadrive Client 0.91 Beta on an Apple Mac,
I get the following error message

Failed to Initialize: failed to install kernel driver

On a Windows 10, the Seadrive client works

The Apple Mac is the following

macOS High Sierra
Version 10.13.3

Do you have a tip for me ?

I’m happy about feedback
The client is beta and I’m curious

I have already asked in the German forum, but this problem
Nobody knows


The seadrive requires the root privilege to install the kernel driver. Can you check the permission?


Thanks, that works

[SOLVED]Client Mac (Beta) 0.91 Kernel Driver

A friend of mine has this problem and asks me to help. But I don’t have and have never had a Mac and so don’t know anything about it.
Would you mind giving me a few details please? Is it just the installation that requires root privilege? Or running it? Can I do it via a single terminal command?
Thanks and sorry if my questions sound dumb to Mac users :rofl: !


My Friend, you can look hier


In English Please? Is there a version?




Can anyone show exactly the steps doing the installation, please? Even I logged in as administrator already, after installing and Mac verified the app, I have the same error when running the app.

Only happening on one Mac Yosemite. Other Macs with High Sierra are working fine.