[SOLVED] Fsck is looking for 'seafile-db.Repo'?


Unfortunately my debian server was broken. So I got a new hdd and installed a blank debian. I copied my seafile foder and my mysql databases on the new server and trying to run seaf-fsck. I always get the following result:

Starting seaf-fsck, please wait ...

[04/21/18 16:57:29] ../../common/seaf-db.c(206): Error exec query SELECT repo_id FROM Repo: mysql_stmt_prepare failed: Table 'seafile-db.Repo' doesn't exist in engine.
seaf-fsck run done


My databases all have the default names. I don’t know why it is looking for ‘seafile-db.Repo’?

I’m using seafile-server_6.2.5_i386.

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Seaf-fsck compares the tables with the folders. Did you make logical backups or physical backups of your databases?

I copied the seafile-folder by using ‘cp’, however the location changed on the new system. So I adjusted ccnet/seafile.ini

I copied the databases in /var/lib/mysql into the new system, since I unfortunately don’t have sql dumps. The databases are accessible by ‘mysql’ command.

I still have the original hard drive and files are accessible. However I am not able to boot from that disk due to broken sectors.

If you are using the old MySQL database in a different folder on the new machine, you’ll also have to let MySQL know where you moved it. You can find instructions on how to do this in Step 2 of this instruction set:

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Thanks a lot!

The problem was actually, that I have only restored the three mysql databases before. Restoring the whole mysql folder according to your link does the trick :slight_smile:

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