[Solved] Handing over seafile installation from root to seafile user

I’ve installed seafile server as root since nothing other is described explicitly in the manual. Remembering that installation via script adds a system user ‘seafile’ I’m wondering, whether it would be sufficient now to just manually create a system user called ‘seafile’ and to hand over all stuff beneath /opt/seafile via chown -R seafile.nogroup /opt/seafile ?
What else should belong to seafile or root? What about nginx etc?

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I have the same problem. Thread is marked as solved but can’t find the solution. :frowning:
Can someone teach me how to change from root user to non root user? Or is it bad and unsecure way to run seafile server as root?

Run this as long as you did install it at /opt/seafile. Insert your path otherwise.

Yes it is bad to run Seafile as root.

Well, I think my case isn’t that easy :pensive:

Server is under root directory. /root/seafile/
Data is under user account /home/jane/seafile/
Will everything work if I change owner under root directory?
Is it ok to move directories to under a new user directory?
If I need to install again, how do I remove the old? Are apache and mysql working without reinstalling them?

Sorry about my mess… :frowning2: