[SOLVED] iPhone X (iOS 11.3.1) Seafile iOS Client 2.7.6 Storage Location?


I’m having an issue with Seafile iOS app where I’m not seeing Seafile as a storage location from which I can add attachments in the mail application.

To illustrate, I’m attaching 2 screenshots.

It used to be (as I recall) from my older iPhone 6s I could access my Seafile as a storage location from the mail application.

The purpose of which is to obviously be able to attach files from my Seafile to emails on my iPhone / iPad.

Anyone have this experience and have success in adding this?

Please let me know.

Thank you,

Sorry for the noob question.

It was very simply resolved in case anyone runs into this in the future, posting the solution.

On iOS 11.3 you need to enable Seafile as a storage location in the files application. (See attached screen.)

Problem solved.

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Good catch. I just marked it [SOLVED] in the title.