(solved) Message: Your organization disables putting a library outside

Original Message:
“Ihre Organisation erlaubt nicht, eine Bibliothek außerhalb des Ordners Seafile abzulegen.”

I want to connect to a new Library using seafile applet and get the Error-Message.

I have plenty of libraries outside the Seafile Folder - this is the first time I get this Message. existing libraries are working without problems.

I’ve checked DISABLE_SYNC_WITH_ANY_FOLDER with the web Admin - it is not checked.
I’ve added DISABLE_SYNC_WITH_ANY_FOLDER = False to seahub_settings.py

Any suggestions how it may work ?

OS = archlinux
Seafile Server = Community 7.04
Seafile Applet = 7.0.1


Did you try to restart seafile server? Maybe someone changed this setting back but forgot to restart seafile?

Yes, i made an update from 6.3.4 to 7.0.4 - and therefor an restart - no change in behavior.
Today i made another restart - and for which reason - no problems anymore.