[solved]Migration / update concept

can someone please review my upgrade / migration strategy and confirm it makes sense before I start? Thanks a lot!
Current state: Seafile 7.1.4 CE on Debian 9.13 on a public cloud server
Goal: seafile latest CE on docker on top of Debian 11, privately hosted
As I cannot upgrade the cloud instance to a newer version of Debian, it is very hard to upgrade seafile there. It can also not run docker.
Therefore all upgrade steps should happen on the new server.
So far I plan to do the following:

  • Install 7.1.4 CE on the new server
  • Migrate data and DB over to new server
  • confirm all runs there
  • deploy latest docker version on that same server
  • migrate from 7.1.4 install to latest docker image

Does that make sense? Is there an easier path in this case?
thanks! Till

I would just copy all data in the correct paths for the Docker setup on the new server. Then deploy the latest version on Docker. It’ll automatically run migration scripts. I don’t see a reason for the extra steps.

thanks. This is solved.
Took me a while and wasn’t that straight forward. I also did not follow the recommendations to keep the existing mysql DB but also migrated to the dockerized one.
Another thing to keep an eye on was that I initially kicked it off http only and wanted to move to https later. For that to work, you need to delete the initially generated nginx config so it gets re-generated.
I also fell the trap that the :latest tag isn’t maintained anymore.
But now it’s working perfectly, all in containers.