SOLVED: New seafile client 2.5.4 crashes on start (ios10.2 / iphone 7)

after upgrading to version 2.5.4, the seafile-client is crashing during the start.

After deinstall an reinstall i am able to fill in the credential of my account, but after this, the client crashes on each start.

Any hints?


BTW: My android-client 2.1.7 on cyanogenmod13 (android 6.0.1) still works and accesses the same server /acclount.

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Same thing for me, on iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s

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This is a problem of 2.5.4. We have just submitted a new version 2.5.5 to fix the problem.


Thanks a lot … i ll test and give you a feedback!

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Same Problem on my iPhone 7. Pleas Fix.

You guys beta test everything else why not use TestFlight (provided by Apple to devs, as part of your Apple Developer account) to beta test the iOS app before releasing to the public? Might help with these last few bugs, that have been popping up.
If done right it would allow the user the keep the stable version on their device, while giving them access to the beta, so if there is a bug they won’t loose access, it also give you the ability to release a fix to the beta test users almost immediately.
All beta testers are granted access via invite only, which is approved or denied by you the dev.
Just a thought…


Crashes on Iphone 6+ v 2.5.3
Why is Seafile no longer on the App Store?
You have a lot of time to fix the error.

The error is fixed. But waiting for App Store approval need a few days.

New version released yesterday - error ist fixed.