SOLVED: No file upload on Windows Server with URL Rewrite as Reverse Proxy

I have a Seafile server running on Windows Server 2012 R2 machine via SSL, everything works, i have made sure to closely follow the tutorials etc. the https runs on a custom port. I tried to forward and open all the other ports aswell, no luck.

The only thing that does not work are the mobile clients, website UL/DL works fine, even on mobile! But the clients just wont work. I can browse the files, but cant interact with them via both mobile clients.

Any help appreciated.

I am using a custom port for the seahub component, but again, it works no problems on desktop and website…

Ok i think i may have found the cause of this.

When i try to share the file (via website on desktop), it will generate link with localhost in the url.
The thing is, i have already changed the service url in ccnet.conf from localhost to external IP but it still says localhost (even after restart).

You have to change this in your databases ccnet config. You can do this in the Web Interface under Admindistration → Preferences.

Thanks for the reply.

Now i can download shared files with correct URL.

But still cant UP/DOWN within mobile app :confused:

But with the Web Interface it’s working ?? Do you have any kind of reverse proxy running?

Yes i have reverse proxy running on the Windows Server, its called URL Rewrite.

Its supposed to redirect all urls to https and then all seafhttp urls to ocrrect seafhttp url

You can download from the WebUI or can’t you?

Yes yes i can. I can download from WebUI using mobile too (entering url in mobile browser).
Only problem are the mobile clients, i can see the files but cant download.

Uploading on the web interface doesn’t work, too. So it seems you’re configuration is wrong. If you don’t have a lot of experience with FastCGI or WSGI I would use one of the recommend reverse proxies, nginx or Apache. But if you post your config of UrlRewrite maybe I can find the issue.

Another question: Since when SeaFile on Windows supports Markdown? I thought it’s still version 6.0.7?

I just found out that Upload doesnt work via web interface either. But download via web is ok.

Web interface: Down ok; UP not working
Mobile clients: DOWN/UP not working

Hi here

web up/down - ok
app down ok
app up - not working

Also on Windows Server ? Else please open another thread.

He can’t download on the App, so it’s not related.

Regarding Android app uploading see if this help. It solved it for me.

I tried to install earlier version but Upload still failing. Its a connection problem i think rather than app

UPDATE: It’s working now! Solution below.

Cause: My retardation
Solution: In web interface, under System admin, under Settings, make sure you also put your custom port behind your IP! It turns out i didnt and totally missed it :confused:

Oh well.

Only problem right now is i cant upload via Android app (iphone works), but i will test the previous version as said above and will report back.

EDIT: Android app Upload works with app version 2.2.1, but newer doesnt work.