[SOLVED] No Libraries after migration from CE to Pro

Hi there,

as CE still lacks any file(name) search I want to give Pro a try. I followed the steps from the official manual: https://manual.seafile.com/deploy_pro/migrate_from_seafile_community_server.html

No obvious errors detected, Seafile Pro was starting up but after login with my (only) account I was told that this user hasn’t any libraries yet. I could see that the storage is still occupied by my user but in the Administration section all the libraries have been listed but without any name.

Any idea what is wrong here?

Luckily, fallback works and CE runs fine as always.


Obviously the same problems as described here: After migration from community to pro - libraries "lost"

So I was able to solve it by creating the missing tables. Why are those steps not part of the migration script?

Additionally I got java exception caused by elasticsearch, they could be solved by creating this folder:

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