[Solved] No mysql.service available for seafile.service start script

I’ve installed seafile 6.0.7 pro on Ubuntu Server LTS and now I’d like to automatically start/stopp seafile via systemd-script as described in the Seafile Server Manual.
I’d like to assure that the database server already has started before seafile starts:

Requires= mysql.service
After=network.target mysql.service
but there is no mysql.service file available anywhere (mariadb-server version 10.0 seems to be started via SysV-Init and not via systemd!?).

How can I handle that? Is there a way to point to a SysV-Init-Script or can i somehow migrate mariadb-SysV-Init-Script to systemd?

Solved! There is an automatic wrapper that generates mysql.service from the init-scripts.

Thanks in advance and best regards,