[SOLVED]Open MS Word, Excel slowly on Seafile Drive

i’m using Seafile Drive Client 1.0.8, When i open file Word *.doc from SeaDrive. I usually meet Not Responding status. MS word open file so slowly. This status make Windows Explorer, Browser cannot control
i using word 2019. My internet 180Mbps, Who can give me how to fix it.
Thank and best regards!

Hi dinhbi,
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum. Let’s try to find a solution for your problem.
I will make the first guess: You are using a third-party AV-programm, probably Kaspersky. Is this correct? Please disable/uninstal it and try again.

Thank you very much,
The kaspersky is reason of issues. i add SEADRIVE to trusted program but error still appear.
can you give solution? i dont want remove my KAS.

There is only one solution that definitely works: Uninstall Kaspersky.

I opened a ticket with Kaspersky support, but I don’t know if and when a reaction will be forthcoming.

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