[Solved] Seafile 10.x on Ubuntu 24.04

Just fyi: Seafile 10.0.15 runs fine after upgrade of Ubuntu to new 24.04 LTS version. However as usually seahub will not start afterwards. If you add again all python dependencies (as document in the 10.x install manual) it works again (most are there, only few missing). As pip3 does not work anymore with latest Ubuntu versions you have to try to add them via “sudo apt install python3-xxx” or you can use “sudo pip3 install xxx --break-system-dependencies” - which is not the best way to do.
Would be good if Seafile would change this setup to be compatible with newer Ubuntu versions.

It would be great if seahub.sh start would create a better error message as it was with starting via start-fastcgi. Unfortunatley start-fastcgi does not work anymore, so you have not a good way finding out why it normal start fails as the seahub.log does not show anything.

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