[Solved] Seafile v7 Web UI about four times slower than v6


I just installed Seafile v7 alongside v6 on Docker, running behind Traefik with Let’s Encrypt certificate.

The first sensation was “Wow, the web UI feels slow”, from the login to loading the library.

Comparison available at -imgur.com/a/fkmG8VU

(Sorry I can’t post links or images, probably because I just created my account).

It is always the same 3 queries / and /api/ causing the delay.

A call to /api2/account/info/ (when clicking the avatar) always takes about 2 seconds.

/ consistently takes 5000+ ms. Am I hitting some kind of timeout?

I’m probably missing something obvious?

The SERVICE_URL is properly configured.


I just checked my seafile server (runs on an Ubuntu 18.04, Intel® Celeron® 3205U, SSD for Server, Data comes from an HDD, nginx for SSL-Proxy with Let’s encrypt). The initial load of the login page took 1,54 seconds to (DOMContentLoaded: 1,35 s). The login itself and loading the library list took 3,11s (DOMContentLoaded: 2,60 s).
Then I loged in again and the load took 1,16s (DOMContentLoaded: 969 ms) and the login itself needs 1,66s (DOMContentLoaded: 1,65 s). I did this a few times and there were no loading time again longer than 1.2s. For me there is no problem with performance within the new UI.

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Thanks for the answer @Garfield!

I investigated a bit more and found memcached errors in the logs.

Turns out, I didn’t realize the container should be called “memcached” and nothing else.

After renaming and restarting memcached, all is fine, the web UI is blazing fast!

Thanks a lot!


@seb Thank you for the tip! I have just created the stack (in '22) and was about to ditch the whole thing until I found your answer. Luckly, I have been experimenting with other stacks for a while to know that things like this could cripple an app.

The difference is night and day! This should be part of the documentation; it has been 2 years since you posted this. I wonder how many people have turned away because of this simple fix.