[solved] Seahub problem after deploying Seahub at non-root domain

Hi all,

following https://manual.seafile.com/deploy/deploy_seahub_at_non-root_domain.html I’ve changed my Seafile server URL from oldname.ddns.net to newname.ddns.net/seafile.

Syncing with client works just fine but Seahub doesn’t show any graphics, just:

Welcome to newName

newName organizes files into libraries. Each library can be synced and shared separately. We have created a personal library for you. You can create more libraries later.
File Upload


Any ideas?

This looks like an cache/memcache problem. Have you changed all config files to meet new domain as well?

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…forgot to set

    location /seafmedia {
        rewrite ^/seafmedia(.*)$ /media$1 break;
        root /home/user/haiwen/seafile-server-latest/seahub;

in nginx config. Thx! :slight_smile: