[solved] Share Links, no zip button visible for guests


I have an Seafile Pro Server 7.0.11 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running.
Since some weeks the guest users which receives the sharing links from me do not see any ZIP Button anymore.

This Folder has around 200MB of pictures in it, but the users has no ZIP button to create an .zip archive for downloading…

My Setting in the Seafile.conf,

Any suggestions where to look, or which packages needs to be installed ? In the logs i didnt find anything useful. (Regarding that the zip file creation maybe failed)

Best Regards,

Hi Mark,

are you shure, that you created a link with preview AND download rights? With a preview-only link you will not see the ZIP option and the download icons.
What browsers do your guests use? One of our customers had similar problems with Firefox under Ubuntu. On a Windows machine he could see the icons.


Oh my God, shame on me.

Sorry, I recreate the sharing link and per default it is viewing only. Its working now!
I thought per Default its viewing and downloading, my fault.