(Solved) Ubuntu 23.04 - cannot get seafile 10.x pro to work - need some advice

I know, it’s not a supported version, but still wanted to try. As result seahub does not start.

  1. Issue: pip3 install does not work anymore. Need to use “apt” or “pip3 install xxx --break-system-packages”. Use the later one to install the needed python packages for 10.x. (even if not recommended, but could not get otherwise some of the moduls installed with apt)
  2. Seahub does not allow anymore “start-fastcgi” as start option - therefore not getting any meaningful error message about the issue. Anybody an idea how to get a meaningful error message?

The seahub.log helped. At the end there was still one python3 modul missing: sqlalchemy.
This one needs to be install in addition to the ones mentioned in the 10.x upgrade notes. I used again the “–break-system-packages” to get it installed.

Question: Was this a clean/fresh install or an upgrade?

Upgrade for Ubuntu from 22.10. Seafile was 10.x before upgrade.

It looks like it’s in the Manual as a prerequisite for Seafile 8 - 10, inclusive. Where do you think it came undone in your case? I’m asking because I’m anticipating an upgrade soon (both Ubuntu and Seafile) and I want to understand where things might go wrong.

The upgrade to 23.04 lost most of the python add-ons. Your link to the prerequisite was helpful, did not check on this again, only followed the upgrade notes for 10.x. And they are not enough.

@Jonathan : But as “pip3” does not work anymore they will need to rewrite the manual for 23.04 on how to get them correctly installed.