[SOLVED] Using an individual logo side effect


it’s possible to define an own image as a logo for the Seafile web site. Additionally it’s possible to define the size of the image in the configuration file seahub_setting.py:

LOGO_PATH = 'custom/rheinland-pfalz-seafile-logo.png'
LOGO_WIDTH = '350'

I’m not sure if was introduced with the version 6.0.3 of Seafile, but I noticed after the upgrade today, that the custom logo is now used in the »About«-overlay. That’s nice. It would even be nicer, if the size of the overlay would be adjusted, too: :wink:

Best regards


Thank you. It is not fixed in version 6.0.3 yet. We will look into the problem.

Hi everyone,

this bug, too, is indeed fixed in 6.0.4.