[SOLVED] ZIP download link not working for shared directory


With Seafile 6.0.9, the ZIP download link for shared directory is not working. I always got the error “Failed. Please check the network” coming from the file seahub/seahub/templates/view_shared_dir.html

However it works when manually generating the zip token with:
And downloading the zip with the link:

Unfortunately, I was not able to debug this further for lack of meaningful logs.

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I found the problem: it was a conflict with my ads blocker (uBlock Origin).
The requests with “share-link-” in the URL are blocked !

I just tested downloading through the ZIP button in shared directory, no error occured.

Can you share a folder and paste the link here for testing ?

It’s only a problem with my ads blocker (which blocks links with “share-link-” in the URL): uBlock Origin.

The uBlock Origin filters responsible are:

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Thx, this saved me! :pray: