Some comments and questions about official Seafile server manual

Hello Seafile devs

I had to compare today two Seafile server setups an was taking a look in (almost) every line of the chapter Server Configuration and Customization.

I have some comments and questions.

Double entries?

Some entries seems to be redundant. Maybe this makes it harder to keep the manual up to date?

1.) Memcached

2.) Changing MySQL Connection Pool Size

Do I need to configure MySQL Connection Pool Size in both ccnet.cong and seafile.conf?
Then it should be mentioned in both chapters:

3.) Sending Email Notifications on Seahub

4.) Customize user management

5.) Quota, History, Up-/Download options

Especily here on chapter has the sentence “After Community Edition 5.0.5, you can also set the default quota in KB, MB, GB or TB. For example,” - the other one not.


1.) One of the server config I compared had an entry USER_NAME = - is it still relevant (couldn’t find it in this chapter anymore)?

2.) If these entries are # Not used anymore anymore why do you still keep it in the manual?

# Not used anymore

# Not used anymore

3.) Maybe you could add some specific reason to increase this value for max connections (like "if you get an error like … increase to 200)?

# Use larger connection pool

# Disable sync with any folder. Default is `False`
# NOTE: since version 4.2.4

Just a little thing: if default is “false” why default is “true” here? :wink:

1.) Change upload/download settings.

# Set maximum upload file size to 200M.
# Set maximum download directory size to 200M.

Just to confirm: these values only affect up- and downloads via Webinterface, right?

2.) Web interface Admin settings

# Allow administrator to view user's file in UNENCRYPTED libraries
# through Libraries page in System Admin. Default is False.

If default is “false” default should be “false” here as well.

3.) Address book

# Disable global address book

…this is a little bit confusing. Maybe better:

# Through the global address book (since version 4.2.3) you can do a search for every user account.
# So you probably want to disable it (= False).

Thanks alot for Seafile!

Best regards

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Thank you very much! We will look into it.

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