sometimes SSL, sometimes not

Hey, I configured a reverse proxy for localhost:8082 with and I put a wildcard SSL certificate in it. When I login into my Seafile-Cloud, I have SSL, but abot a half second after I logged me in, Google Chrome says that the website is unsafe.
I hope that cou could help me.
Andreas Fink

Hi Andreas,
welcome to the community.
Could you post your nginx/apache configuration here?

Hey Ralf,
What part do you need? I only set the domain certificate to my wildcard and added ProxyPass / ProxyPassReverse /

to the config.

Now, my full seafile-server is down


sorry I did mean localhost:8000

Broadly speaking, the manual explains here how to do it.

More specifically to your case, I would argue that there is a flow somewhere in your configuration. I wanted you to post yours because 4 eyes see more than 2.

If you click the “not secure” in the address bar, chrome should give you more info about why it says that. It’s a pretty generic message, and getting more detail about what it is complaining about and why is a good place to start.

This site gives you some sample bad sites to visit that you can compare to the message you get from your site, which might help.