Sorting tables in admin panel

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it would be great if you could implement sortable tables for the admin panel (Devices, Libraries, Users, …).

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Hy together :slight_smile:
are there any news regarding sortable tables for the admin panel? Will you plan to implement this?


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@daniel.pan @xiez

For the Users table, the data is not stored in a single database table, and the storage size is calculated on the fly. It is difficult to sort by the used space. Sorting by user name is not useful in my opinion. We already provide the feature of exporting the table to excel so you can sort offline.

Thanks for your answer @daniel.pan
Wouldn’t it be possible to use a html sortable table for that views? Something like this:
With this library, sorting by each collumn should be possible?


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That is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing this!

I think that it is possible to build this into 6.1.x as an improvement. Doesn’t look like this requires much work.
@daniel.pan What do you think?

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Sorting using the javascript requires loading all data from the server side, which prevent use of pagination, will lead to large loading time. This is not scalable when you have 1000+ users.


Hui, any idea how we can allow to sort the tables in future? Somewhat it should be possible.
@daniel.pan Can you please add the option to export the lib information to an Excel sheet as well? :slight_smile: