Speed limits in client?


Im wondering if there is some type of default speed limits set in the clients? When uploading and downloading files in my LAN it only goes to 11mb/s and stays steady at that. When I move around files over my LAN between computers outside of seafile I always max out my LAN at 1GB/s. So I know that my network can handle the speeds. Anyone have any thoughts or hints around this?


Well, 11 megabytes a second is 88 megabits a second, which is suspiciously close to what you would achieve for data throughput + overhead of a client that is using a 100mbit/sec network card.

Also, what kind of internet connection do you have that is a gigabit a second?

Check your client’s hardware configuration.

Thanks for the answer!

The server and client has a gbit nic and the traffic is over LAN. But im thinking that this maybe could have something do to with the storage device. Its a external HDD connected via USB, so maybe thats the bottleneck.

Here is a test i did over the LAN just to show that the server and client can reach higher speeds.

USB disks are very unlikely to reach Gigabit speeds with Seafile. (unless your using USB3 SSD)