Speed with large round-trip-time to server

I’ve had a seafile server in my home network for quite a while, and the performance was always good. Now I’ve setup a VPS in France and installed Seafile on there. Ping gives me a round-trip-time of about 400ms from where I live (Australia) to the server.

The speed I’m seeing (with an identical setup) is abysmal (~ 30 KB/s). I’ve done a bit of debugging, but could not really find anything that could cause that kind of slowness. Then I’ve tried the demo servers on demo.seafile.de and seacloud.cc, and I’m getting equally bad performance.

Is this to be expected? Or should I continue trying to figure out whether anything is wrong in my home network setup (which behaves file for other things)? I’ve got a 100/10 mbit/s connection, so that should not be the problem.

I assume you’re referring to the desktop client? How fast can you get when you download a large file with the web browser?

Ah, sorry, yes, should have mentioned. I’ve tried both the desktop client (Linux) as well as the web browser (Chrome). Same ballpark.

Then I think it’s limited by network bandwidth.