Spinner after Selecting Library in 6.3.7

We’re upgrading from 6.2.13 pro to 6.3.7 pro on Ubuntu 16.04. After the upgrade, I can log in to the web interface (seahub) and see all my libraries. When I click on a library, I get a spinning donut forever.

Also noticed that the /seahub/media/assets/scripts/app folder is missing. However, the main.js file from that folder is referenced on the web page. Is the app folder missing from the 6.3.7 install?

Can you try to remove DEBUG = True in seahub_settings.py?

I’m not sure what’s more amazing: the fact that removing the DEBUG = True (as you suggest) worked or that you knew that was the answer.

Thank you so much for that. Seafile is so awesome. It’s really annoying when it doesn’t just work. Thanks for a great product and great support.