Statistics are wrong

Hello dear Community

I am a client on a Server Version: 4.3.2.
I recently built a tool which is able to download seafile files with Powershell and the help of /?dl=1. Now I saw in the browser, that there are statistics for the usage of these links.

This is fine and I was really happy but then I noticed these numbers must be wrong.
After some testing a few days ago I now can say that the numbers there do not increase.
No matter how I download the file, via browser, via powershell, via direct link.

Do I understand it right that the value under Visits should count the downloads?

If yes, have i done something wrong?

If not, are there any solutions for a client or is there something wrong with the server?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Hi Ale,
I suggest you update to a more recent server version. The current version is 7.0

Yeah I already thought about that but for me as a simple client then there is no possibility to fix that.

I’ll have to talk with the IT about that.

Thanks for your support anyway!

I’m facing same issue and I’ve updated it. But it didn’t help.

Hi @Ale did you get any permanent solution as of now?

Jimi Smith

Hi @jimicev270

As it is not on top of my priority list, i’ve not talked to the IT yet.

There still is no solution and the problem persists.

For myself to avoid unnecessary time waste I decided to not further investigate the problem.