Statistics are wrong

Hello dear Community

I am a client on a Server Version: 4.3.2.
I recently built a tool which is able to download seafile files with Powershell and the help of /?dl=1. Now I saw in the browser, that there are statistics for the usage of these links.

This is fine and I was really happy but then I noticed these numbers must be wrong.
After some testing a few days ago I now can say that the numbers there do not increase.
No matter how I download the file, via browser, via powershell, via direct link.

Do I understand it right that the value under Visits should count the downloads?

If yes, have i done something wrong?

If not, are there any solutions for a client or is there something wrong with the server?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Hi Ale,
I suggest you update to a more recent server version. The current version is 7.0

Yeah I already thought about that but for me as a simple client then is no possibility to fix that.

I’ll have to talk with the IT about that.

Thanks for you support anyway!