Still missing desktop custom logo

For some versions I miss the desktop custom logo on the Seafile Client under Windows. I’m using the lastest versions (beta) of Seafile server pro and client.

Can you post your configuration of seafile/seahub? Did you check for file permission of logo? Can you try to setup custom title if ti’s working?

Here you will see the rights under …/seahub-data/custom (NFS share):

This is the part of seahub_settings:

And the logo “Desktop-Logo_XXX.png”:

The title branding is working well.

OK, please try to clean seafile server cache. Check Apache/Nginx and seafile/seahub logs if there is no error about logo file.

Sorry, but how can I clean the seafile server cache? I’m using seafile in a cluster environment (memcached) and there is no /tmp/seahub_cache folder. There are also no errors in the nginx log as well as other log files about the logo file.
I think I remember the problem have occurred with seafile client a few versions ago.

Restart memcached service.

If your using memcached, there’s no /tmp/seahub_cache folder :slight_smile:


I’ve restarted all the cluster members a new several times since the problem occurred.

OK, I don’t have PRO server so there’s ending my knowledge. I have to forward you to @daniel.pan

Thanks for your support.

Which version of Windows do you use? I remember Win10 doesn’t show the custom logo.

Win 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB :slight_smile:

Where can I find such information? (Not there:

It’s a known bug but didn’t have time to fix it yet.

Thanks :+1: