Storage Used: different sizes


I have a question regarding the storage used calculation:
The Storage-Used size In the Admin-Info page is larger than the sum of all Libraries together and also larger than the real used size on the disc (incl. version handling)
Is this maybe a wrong calculation (1000 vs 1024)?
Does the size for each library in the admin panel contain the size of the history?



I think that you are right…

In Seahub, if you look for your organization used / allocated disk space, you will get something like this :

If you do the same thing from the system admin page, here is what you’ll get (same account used) :

So, obviously the organization admin uses binary values and the system admin uses decimal ones.
If anyone is interested by this fascinating subject : Byte - Wikipedia

Could anyone fix this and use decimal everywhere, please ?
I’ve had a customer complaining this morning because he didn’t understand why his quota was reached whereas he only used 93.1 Gb…

Thanks !

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Yes, i did mention this a long time ago already but this is still not fixed. The same with library / user calculation.


I have a similar issue. Seafile admin shows all my files together are 2TB but on the hard drive it say 2.9TB have been used. I tried to delete history and to empty trash and the GC function. I understand that there is a variance but 900GB seems to be a lot. I use Ubuntu and the system runs on a different drive.
Open for any suggestion

The administration interface does only account for the most recent version of the data.