Store/retrieve data with locally attached storage devices (e.g. USB drive)

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I am trying to find out whether there is a feature available in SeaFile before installing it and using it.

I am managing the central storage for a small media production group. Since I have local access to the main server that hosts the overall files, I would like to know whether I can copy the content that the photographers and videographers give me as soon as they finish a session (which is several 100s of gigabytes) directly to the SeaFile data through a USB card reader or other similar media (e.g. external hard drives). I dont want to overwhelm our network and I need to do this through me admin rights. In the same context, I need to be able to do the opposite thing, i.e. be able to copy directly from the SeaFile data a number of files/folders of a project to an external media device without going through the SeaFile’s application or network interface. Is this possible??

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I would say that the “upload” has to be done either via Web or Seafile Client from an other PC to the Server.
This is because the data is not saved in plaintext on the Server volume. Its split into little chunks and the corresponding meta-Information is in a DB…

If you dont want to utilize your Network you could install a seafile Client on the server and do upload like that.
I believe there are Commandline Clients for Unix but Im not sure. Otherwise you would have to install Unix with Gui or go for Windows.

Quería saber como puedo hacer que seafile guarde los archivos en el pincho pues cuando monto el usb en una carpeta y pongo esa carpeta a seafile me da error cada vez que creo una biblioteca. Lo tengo instalado en una rasberri pi

I would definitely try WebDAV too.

I am not sure I understand the question correctly, so apologies if I got it wrong:
USB sticks aren’t usually formated using ext3/4 or NTFS. We have encountered problems when trying to sync data to/from an exFAT formated device.