Stream only feature disappeared?

in seafile server 7.0.4 i was able to generate a share link without a download option. this feature disappeared after upgrading to 7.0.5 – was that intentional or is it a bug? don’t find it mentioned in the changelog.

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i’d still appreciate an answer to this. i see this in three instances of seafile server 7.0.5, and i have no idea whether this is due to a dropped feature or configuration.

I assume that you are using Seafile CE. (You make it easier for other forum members, if you provide all relevant information.)

Download links in Seafile CE are always “preview and download” links. Only Seafile PE provides the option to set different permissions (preview-only; preview and download; preview, download and edit) on download links.

yes, it was always the CE version. but how come i could use this feature in 7.0.4 CE? was that available by mistake?