Stuck: uploading file list

I’m very new to Seafile CE (sqlite3) as I only installed it yesterday on my ODroid XU4.

Everything was working fine and it downloaded/synced my one and only library (3.5Gb - apprx 60k files) to my Windows PC, however once it had finished downloading everything the client changed to ‘uploading file list’ and has stayed there every since. Any new or changed files that I have since are not being synced.

How can I resolve this?

I did have an issue with Avast AntiVirus constantly blocking the download process but I resolved that by adding the seafile client folder and the seafile data folder to the exclusions listings.

Update: Well it appears that despite adding the seafile client installation folder and the Seafile data folder as exclusions to Avast AntiVirus (free) and also adding the URL of my seafile server to the web filter exclusions list it is still blocking some of the activity.

Does anyone know which settings Avast needs tweaking so that Seafile can process my libraries without being blocked all the time. Obviously I don’t want to have to disable the AV just to allow the files to sync properly.

You can have a look at the seafile.log on the client.

This heppens to me when I have two windows accounts open at the same time

It was definitely Avast causing the problems. I ended up having to add the seafile url to the 2 web protection exclusion lists, and the Seafile install path and Seafile database path to ensure it didn’t block it.

Once I’d done that the client had no problems transferring to completion.