Subfolder sync issues after FSCK

I have 1 library from which I sync several sub folders.
Due to a power outage my Seafile library got corrupted.
The strange thing is that the main library got corrupted (internal server error when trying to access the library via the web interface).
But the sub folders continued to sync for more two weeks.
So I didn’t really notice the main library was corrupted until recently.

With Seafile FSCK I was able to fix the corruption of the main library.
But now my library is back to the state it was in two weeks ago.
It’s a shame my sub folders (which continued to work without issues) got rolled back too, but that’s not a big issue because I can just re-sync the folders via the Seafile client and get my main library up to date again.

However, this doesn’t work!
When re-syncing a sub folder, Seafile client reports that the sub folder is up to date.
Nothing to sync.
When I right click the sub folder and choose “Open cloud file browser” I see that indeed my files are uploaded and up to date.
But when I go to this sub folder via the main library, then the new files aren’t there.
By this I mean Library -> “Open cloud file browser” -> browse to subfolder = state from two weeks ago.

My conclusion from this is that all my data is stored in Seafile, but my sub folders have somehow been disconnected from their parent library.

I have completely uninstalled the Seafile client app on MacOS, I’ve removed the ~/.ccnet and ~/Seafile/.seafile-data folders. After re-installing the client I’ve set-up syncing of a sub folder from my main library (via Cloud file browser -> right click sub folder -> Sync this folder). But the new files still don’t show up when browsing the main library.

What can I do to fix this? I wouldn’t like to completely remove the library and re-upload everything (1TB).

Server Version: 6.1.9

Did you use the ‘sync to existing folder feature to sync this lib’? Did you see any new logs in the Activities?

This is perhaps a bug. When rolling back a library using FSCK, library’s metadata hasn’t got updated accordingly.
I think one quick way to solve your issue is to 1) unsync the sub-folder, 2) remove the sub-folder from seahub, 3) re-upload the sub-folder.

Yes I used ‘sync to existing folder feature to sync this lib’. I’m guessing it’s a bug indeed.

To work around it I made a new library. Copied all the contents from the corrupt library to the new library via the web interface (seahub). This took almost 24 hours. My reasoning was that this new library would have a fresh history.

I’ve re-synced the sub folders on my client (still waiting for a very large one to finish). But lots of conflicts (SFConflict) showed op. The files named SFConflict are actually the newer ones, and the files pushed from the server are two weeks old because of the rollback. But files I have deleted over the past two weeks are back obviously. So it’s a huge mess.

Fortunately I have a time machine backup from these sub folders as well. Once the Seafile client settles down I’ll overwrite these folders with the contents from the time machine backup and wait for the client to sync them back to the server.

Client seems stuck in “Downloading file list” for one of the subfolders (200GB) I’m trying to sync from the newly created library. By stuck I mean 24 hours waiting already, with no apparent progress. I synced with the ‘sync to existing folder’ option. All other subfolders synced without issues.

What should I do? I’m still trying to avoid re-uploading the data.