Subfolders reappear in SeaDrive Windows

Hi everyone,

We can not delete subfolders.

There is a problem in seadrive, the subfolders removed from any library reappears. when we try to delete a subfolder of any library this subfolder reappears in the next session but without any document inside it.

What could be the problem?


We had the same issue with seafile client 0.6.x and went through upgrade hoping that this would go away. The issue is still here and its causing a lot of chaos on our end as 100’s of folders are recreated by just a handful of users. Whats weird is that this is happening only for few users even though there are many on the same version. But those that it is happening to are the ones that spend the most time in seafile.

Is there a work around for this or some way to force clients to force resync before pushing client changes?

Contact the official support if you have pro.

This is on community version.

Yes, this is on community version.

You have to make sure all your clients are upgraded to the latest version. The empty folders are recreated by old version of SeaDrive.

Just did that. All clients are on seadrive_0.8.0 and server is on 6.2.2 (just upgraded over the weekend) hoped that all was fixed until today. 200 folders reappeared. I even see them syncing in the history as one change. This is causing a big issue for us. Anyone has any ideas on how to try to mitigate it ?

I got the same problem for a while. After deleting the cache folder of seadrive (on every device) everything is fine :slight_smile:

So which folders on every device did you wipe out ? Is it just C:\Users\USERNAME\seadrive\data\file-cache ?
Or C:\Users\USERNAME\seadrive\data\storage[blocks,commits,fs] as well?


Hey, I only deleted the first one: C:\Users\USERNAME\seadrive\data\file-cache, but i don´t know why it works for me now ^^

You can logout the account in SeaDrive. When logout, there is an option to clean the cache.

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Same problem here: I can not delete folders.
Latest version of SeaDrive + Windows 10.

All new folders and files are added and synchronized perfectly.
If I delete a folder, it disappears. But when I “refresh the folder view” (I don’t know what it’s called in english), the folder I just deleted is back. :neutral_face:

Deleting the cache (manually and automatically) does not help. New folders can be created, but not deleted.

  • I am logged in as administrator.
  • The folders are not read-only.
  • There are no hidden files inside.

Hi Jan,
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!
Please give us some more info:
1.) Is your problem general in the sense that no folder can be permanently deleted (in any library) or does it affect only one folder in one library? (Do you have write permission in the library?)
2.) Have you checked the server time?
3.) What AV-software do you run on the client that causes problems?
4.) What file system do you use?

Hi rdb,
thanks for your reply! After some testing I am pretty sure I tried to use a non existing feature of your software.

What I was doing: I created multiple Libraries with Sync Drive.
Then I wanted to delete them.

But sadly this is not possible within Sync Drive. :neutral_face:
Am I correct?

Hi Jan,
Yes, your are correct. No, you cannot delete a library from the sync drive.
If you want to delete a library, you have to do this via the web interface. (But why would you want to delete the library from the sync client? Why is this so important?)

I understand that Seafile needs those 4 basic folders to work correctly and I am ok with that.
So I tried to work in “S:\My Libraries”.
But as deleting folders does not work here, I have to add an additional folder called “my stuff” or whatever and put everything inside it.

Now I have a file structure that looks like this:
S:\My Libraries\My Stuff\Folder 1
S:\My Libraries\My Stuff\Folder 2
S:\My Libraries\My Stuff\Folder 3

“My Stuff” is not needed, I just created it because I had to.
It would just be nice if I could delete libraries with sync drive, then I could delete the unnecessary folder.

= this is not “so important”, it would just be nice to have :slight_smile:

Well, I am totally confused.
In the title, you write about SeaDrive. In the last post, you wrote about “sync drive”, which I understand as sync client. What do you mean? Correct terminology matters! Also: At first, it was about deleting folders. Now it is about creating folders. For this reason, this answer is super short:
No, you don’t need the “My Stuff” folder. You can create folders right in S:\My Libraries.

Hi rdb,
its still about deleting folders (take a look at the 3rd sentence in my previous post). :slight_smile:
“But as deleting folders does not work here, I have to add an additional folder called “my stuff” or whatever and put everything inside it.”
SeaDrive lets users create folders in S:\My Libraries\ but not delete it.
This is sad. :-1:

Hi Jan,
yes, it is sad. You are right, but for different reasons than you may think
Again: You don’t need the folder “My stuff” Deleting a folder in S:\My Library is just as easy as creating one. Use the context menu, use the menu items, …
I just tested it on my computer with two different Seafile instance. Same thing. It just works.
If it does not work on your machine, see my post from two days ago.

If you use the latest version of SeaDrive, you should be able to delete a library under My Libraries.