Support For Apple Silicon?


I have looked up the native support for M1 of Seaclient / Seadrive and they seem to have been in the works for a couple of years. Any udpate on this, as I see that it is still not the case. This is causing a higher battery drain than required and a few other issues.s

In the meantime, does anyone know of any third party clients which could connect to Seafile that are M1 Native and even better, that use the file provider API?

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We don’t have a plan to build a native M1 client in recent a few years. As it will increase the maintenance work.

That’s a real shame. This would be extremely helpful.
One thing to note is that the drive client is already M1 Apple Silicon ARM compatible, it’s only the sync client which isn’t.
Not sure about the new 3.0 beta, haven’t tested it.

It is? Are you sure?
I mean they are both compatible, but not native. Are you saying that the Drive Client is M1 Native. Can you link the download link?

I assume it is Apple Silicon ARM native based on this release note:

@daniel.pan When can we expect the sync client (v9) to be available for ARM (Apple Silicon)?
It seriously drains battery life in it’s current state.


@daniel.pan Given that Apple don’t even sell Intel Macs anymore, it seriously is an issue if Seafile are not going to adopt ARM shortly. I feel that Seafile has drifted away from really backing MacOS as a supported platform. The SeaDrive client is buggy (still in beta), lacks functionality that we aren’t going to see (such as pinning directories so that they remain permanently sync’d), and that the Seafile Sync client doesn’t support Apple Silicon.

Does that mean Seafile has decided that Apple is not a priority? It would be very helpful to know as I have a number of clients (as in businesses) who are MacOS based, and it would be helpful to know whether this is a priority for Seafile or if you genuinely mean that you aren’t going to focus on this for a few years. To me, that rules out Seafile for MacOS as intel is now long gone from Apple.

SeaDrive 3.0.2 has been universal. That means it’s natively compiled for Apple Silicon. Seafile sync client 9.0.3 will be universal too. I think this issue can be closed soon.

That is very good news. Any idea on timing?

My issue with SeaDrive is its stability and also lack of pinning directories - something that is a “must” feature in my book. Thanks though for your response!

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Seafile 9.0.3 has been released. It’s a universal build.

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Thank you ever so much. Just installed it and awesome to see it running on native apple silicon.