Sync client not detecting new versions and not auto-updating

It’s again not working (6.1.8 did not detect 6.2.5). Says I’m up to date and that I’m running the newest version available (both windows and mac).

Same here not working, i was on 6.2.5 latest was 6.2.9. Manual check for updates didn’t work…

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Still not fixed … 6.2.9 doesn’t detect that there is a new version.


6.1.8 is still current according to the version check, i guess that means the devs consider all versions after 6.1.8 beta …

it s been along standing issue that the version check is rarely update to trigger updating the new version

and also, it seems the changelog for 6.2.11 is still missing after more than two weeks of being available

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Same here, still not working. I’m running 6.1.8 and apparently “Seafile Client 6.1.8” is currently the newest version available." Not!

v6.1.8 has been released almost a year ago and there have been at least two beta releases and at least 8 regular releases since!

By the way, here it seems that 6.2.10 is the latest version, but on the downloads page it’s 6.2.11.

As much as I enjoy using Seafile, I’m still having (minor?) doubts about the project’s leadership. This is very unfortunate since it’s keeping Seafile back. I’m entrusting more and more of my personal data to it (with backups of course…), yet I’d hesitate to recommend it at my workplace for a larger deployment. Do note that I’ve never had a real issue with the actual software. I’d guess I’m not the only one feeling this way.

So we are a WHOLE major version further and still the check version is not working…

basically the have given up on this, at least now it is official:

Well stil, its not hard to implement and update…
They also need to update the changelog and website/download link.

I have to share this!

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They manually update a remote file on their server for the client to detect a new version, and it seems they only do that when there is an outcry in here. It’s been like that from the very beginning.

Until there is a better alternative then …

Has anyone found an alternative? Seafile for me has gotten sluggish and unreliable, with file uploads and downloads being triggered very late (up to several minutes sometimes) and with file overwriting issues between clients that have intermittent network connections (very usual nowadays). It doesn’t seem like Seafile works well for medium to large installations (I have 15+ actually active users, 50+ libraries across them, and hundreds of thousands of files … and I don’t consider this installation to be large).

Not working for me as well. Pretty disappointing.

Why don’t you share with us which aspect disappoints you?

It’s the fact that this thread is almost 2 years old and the issue still persists. I fail to understand how an obviously broken and very simple feature is not fixed until now. It’s version checking, not rocket science.

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I agree. Have been looking at this for years and auto-update almost never worked. If it was only my machine, that would be less of on issue. But what makes it really annoying and somewhat disqualifies the whole product is that as a sysadmin, you also want the clients of all users on all machines to be up-to-date. So, what’s the solution here?

Also, today the (manual) check for updates turned really funny. Having installed v7.0.7 on Mac and v7.0.8 being the latest version for download, the client told me (translated from German):

You are up-to-date!
Seafile 7.0.6 (sic!) is currently the latest available version.
(The currently installed version is 7.0.7.)


New versions are only found by the client after some time. For 99%+ this shouldn’t be an issue.

Except it is, because your “some time” is on the order of months or years, during which time several versions have been issued, including major versions … meanwhile, customers’ Seafile clients are left behind while admins upgrade the server to new versions, breaking compatibility.

Those are the signs of a sloppy project, sadly. Saying it’s not a problem for 99%+ is not helping.

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That simply is not true. Yes, the update often is found late by the client but it doesn’t cause any major issues. Did you have issues?

Although I would also prefer a better release process and some other major improvements, especially the Seafile core (synchronization using the desktop clients) works extremely well for years, now.



Offtopic. This topic is about a misleading and broken functionality of Seafile. It’s not about how well some other functionality chugs along.

To Seafile: If you don’t plan to fix this, then please remove the “Check for updates” feature and also “Check for updates automatically” features. They do more harm as they mislead the user and administrators. It’s been years.

Use it for 7 years without issues, without updating the clients fast.

But, to be honest I see the issue. 7.0.4 is already 7 or 8 month old and several important bug changes are included in later versions which won’t reach users unless they find issues and search for a newer version on the website by themselves. Many users probably won’t do. I would prefer it when there would be a primary Seafile server in the client which can push updates (signed by Seafile Ltd.).