Sync client not detecting new versions and not auto-updating


It’s again not working (6.1.8 did not detect 6.2.5). Says I’m up to date and that I’m running the newest version available (both windows and mac).


Same here not working, i was on 6.2.5 latest was 6.2.9. Manual check for updates didn’t work…


Still not fixed … 6.2.9 doesn’t detect that there is a new version.



6.1.8 is still current according to the version check, i guess that means the devs consider all versions after 6.1.8 beta …

it s been along standing issue that the version check is rarely update to trigger updating the new version


and also, it seems the changelog for 6.2.11 is still missing after more than two weeks of being available


Same here, still not working. I’m running 6.1.8 and apparently “Seafile Client 6.1.8” is currently the newest version available." Not!

v6.1.8 has been released almost a year ago and there have been at least two beta releases and at least 8 regular releases since!

By the way, here it seems that 6.2.10 is the latest version, but on the downloads page it’s 6.2.11.

As much as I enjoy using Seafile, I’m still having (minor?) doubts about the project’s leadership. This is very unfortunate since it’s keeping Seafile back. I’m entrusting more and more of my personal data to it (with backups of course…), yet I’d hesitate to recommend it at my workplace for a larger deployment. Do note that I’ve never had a real issue with the actual software. I’d guess I’m not the only one feeling this way.

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