Sync Connection lost


I think there is a bug with file syncing in the Seafile client 8.0.8. On Windows 11 I created an encrypted container with VeraCrypt and mounted it as a new volume, say e:. The Volume is formatted as NTFS.
Then I setup Seafile Client to sync an encrypted library into drive e:. The initial sync was completed, but without any progress information and the icon of the library was still the empty cloud grafik
No further sync is done if any file is changed locally or in the seafile library.

Some time ago I saw a similar behaviour with syncing a sub-folder of a shared library. But there was a difference, that the sync worked as long as seafile client was running. After restart, the sync was not visible anymore in the seafile client and must be re-established.

Can anyone reproduce this?
I hope there will be a fix soon. Even if the target directory is not available (in my case the encrypted volume e:is not mounted) it would be great if the sync is just paused instead of being terminated.

Kind regards