Sync speeds when home on LAN

I am very much thinking of setting up a seafile server on my home network as an alternative to dropbox.

However I have a dealbreaker.
I have not been to find out if the seafile (windows/mac) client will find the shortest path to the seafile server, or everything will go through the internet, which is limited by my ISP speed.
So if the seafile server is on my homenetwork/LAN, and have the DNS adress for example: for access when im not home.

Will all files during syncing when im home have to go through the “internet” first, or will the seafile client be intelligent enough to understand im on same LAN as seafile server, and use the local speed of my gigabit LAN network?
There will be a huge difference in speed on 1000/1000gbit LAN network, when compared to the 10/10mbit over the internet speeds for syncing.

Thank you

Setup DNS static record for your domain to local IP on your router and you can be sure, it’s not going out of you local network.


You can do same on every PC in your local network by adding domain and local IP to /etc/hosts.

I think this is more faster then lookup for best way, cause this is more low level setup.

PS: All better routers need this setting, cause they can’t call their own public IP(don’t know why now) if your hidden under NAT and have some port forward.


Thank you for the answer.

I would like to avoid doing something individually on each PC, so its probably the first option.
However im not sure I understand what you are suggesting.
“Setup DNS static record for your domain to local IP on your router and you can be sure, it’s not going out of you local network.”

Do you mean towards the wan IP of the router? This is how it is setup currently?
So for example i have setup my DNS provider to point towards for example WAN ip of my router:

You have to setup static DNS A Record for local network.

For example your domain pointing to your WAN public IP This is classic DNS A Record.
Now your server with seafile running have local IP
You have to setup on your local DNS Server(every router have it) new DNS A Record pointing to This will overwrite public DNS Record and everyone in local network, when they type will go to directly.

If you still don’t know, tell me what kind of router you have

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Thank you so much for your swift answer.
I will try when I come back from work abroad.

I will mark your reply as solving my problem, as i think I know how to do this.