Synchronization from a local linux client

Hi all,

I’d like to create a slave (local) client for our seafile server (distant) that would synchronize all data from one account.
My idea is to install the seafile client on a linux NAS server and have all synchronized data mapped to a NAS drive in which Windows clients could get files in case the Seafile server is unreachable.
Is this local linux client a convenient way to achieve my goals ?
I’v seen two pages for the installation of the linux command line client :

This pages does not give information about the default config this client should use when connected to the internet.
I’d like to :

  • use a default account
  • synchronize all libraries that the account can have access to
  • put a default time interval (1 hour)

I can also do that by means of a script (executed each 1 hour).

I wonder if the best practice should be to use FUSE export on the server and Rsync from the local client.
But the size of the data would be doubled on the server…

I also wonder if the new drive client (with 6.0 server) could be useful if it is available on linux.

Is there any useful information / best pratice i could follow ?

Best regards


The command line client doesn’t support the options of put a default time interval. Other requirements can be met.

Either using command line client or rsync will replicate the data to your NAS server.

Using the drive client doesn’t replicate the data to your NAS server but files can’t be accessed once the Seafile server is closed.

I suppose that you mean : Using the drive client doesn’t replicate the data to your NAS server AND
files can’t be accessed once the Seafile server is closed.

Am I right ?

If i understand well, the difference is that with command line client, folder and files are displayed in a common tree structure ?

I’ll get a look at the features.


For some of my customers I use it the following way:

company has a server/nas in the office
some Employees are working only in the office
they ALWAYS access the files on the local NAS/SERVER.
on the NAS/SERVER I installed a seafile client (windows or linux) and sync to one or different libs to the seafserver (distant) (depends on customer needs) AND use a seperate seafile user! ie

every other Employee can access via app/client on notebooks with its own user each, if they are not in the office.
everything is getting synced to the office server/nas.
if internet or seafile-server is down, they can access all files.

everything is fine :slight_smile:

Thank you Fabian for this user feedback.
That’s exactly what i intend to do !
I’m preety disappointed that the linux client does not offer to define a sync interval.
Could it be added in the roadmap ?



This feature is available for all clients since version 5.0.2. Can you check, if you have this option:

Hi Fabian,
Is it possible to sync all libraries accessible from one user with a batch script or anything else ?