Syncing only delta from server?


Thank you for Seafile! I really like it a lot!

I have a question regarding syncing only deltas / changes in files, (like rsync).

So I have a 10 GB file on a linux server which is synced with a remote Seafile Server.

This remote server runs seafile-ce v10 (docker based installation, apache ssl reverse proxy (will change it to Nginx soon)).
Encrypted library (if that matters)!

Also, I have a Mac and a Windows Seafile Client, Seafile client fully synced the 10 GB file.

Now, when I change some bytes in the 10 GB file and let do seaf-cli do its magic, the sync is done in a minute or so. So only the delta is sent to the seafile server (just as expected).

But now, both clients download the whole 10 GB file at each small change.
(Since I have a slow internet connection, that takes hours…)

Why is that?
Did I miss configure something? Should I check a config on the server or on the client?
Or is Seafile Mac/Windows Client not capable of downloading only the delta?
Is it because of encrypted libraries? (I don’t think so, because uploading works with the changes only).
Does it help switching apache to nginx? I am planning that change anyways, but maybe I will do it sooner.

I will provide all configs if necessary, but maybe let’s start with clarifying if the client is capable of downloading only deltas.



Is there nobody who can tell me, if the Windows/Mac Seafile Client is supposed to transfer only whole files or if it is usually capable of transferring deltas?

Thank you!

I had the same experience, only “delta upload”, but not “delta download” when I tested it.
However I cannot find anywhere a definitive statement on this.

Thank you for your reply!
This is good to know for me, so I do not have to try different settings.

Can you confirm that there is no delta download?
If yes, is it already on the roadmap?

Hello, delta download is not currently supported for individual files, and are not in our plans.

Thank you for your confirmation!