Syncing only selective files & subfolders - how to I manage this?


I’m running seafile server v5.1.3 on MS server 2014 and Client v6.01 on various windows computers with much success.

Furthermore, I’m strongly using portable Thunderbird on different windows machine. Currently, I’m still manually copying the address book files and a certain subfolder containing my email archive (this is basically an old email account that now has lost its login credentials so the files inside are stable when Thunderbird is running). Now the idea comes up to sync these address book files and the subfolder by seafile to avoid the manual hassle. Basically, I have these address book files in my root folder:


And the folder containing my email archive is:


I guess I have to use the “seafile-ignore.txt” option to deal with this issue. But how do I use it correctly to exclude all other files in the root directory besides the “abook*” files and the “\Mail\old_account” folder? Up to now I did not understood the syntax of the “seafile-ignore.txt” sufficiently (surely my fault) enough to do this job.

Does anybody here has an idea what I have to type in the “seafile-ignore.txt” file for this purpose?

Greetings & merry Christmas,