Syntax error during Seafile Server 6.1.1 for Raspberry Pi setup

Hello everybody,

I’m setting up a cluster of PIs with Seafile nodes according to the manual .

So I installed Python and Memcached on the PI which is supposed to be the Seafile Node. I followed this instructions to install Seafile:

But I cannot execute the scripts neither . For both bash scripts an syntax error is thrown: 16: Syntax error: “(” unexpected 18: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

I can’t seem to find that syntax error.

Does anybody know how to track down this issue?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure the cause of your error, but for a cluster I believe that you have to use the Pro Edition of Seafile. There is not a Pro Edition for the Pi, only the Community Edition AFAIK.

I actually overlooked the fact that this might be a pro feature only.

Nevertheless, I’d still like to figure out why I can’t get Seafile installed regardless of future configurations.

I don’t know exactly, but maybe some of these are missing (I used SQlite): python2.7 python-setuptools python-simplejson python-imaging sqlite3

These are the commands which I used for installing Python

sudo aptitude -y install python2.7 python-setuptools python-simplejson python-imaging sqlite3
sudo apt-get install python-dev

I resolved the issue by triggering the script using ./ instead of using the sh command. I guess that’s typical for the Debian distribution. I’m biased towards the use of Ubuntu so.

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