Syslog remote host support


according to your syslog manual it´s currently not possible to define a remote syslog server, right? Any plans yet to implement such feature? Would be nice to log the output directly to a centralised server instead of a local syslog facility.

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why not use syslog itself to use a remote server (/etc/rsyslog.d/local.conf):

*.* @@<FQDN-of-your-syslog-server>

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To be honest, if I wanted to pipe already existing log files to a syslog server then I would have already done it :slight_smile:
I was just curious if there will be an implementation into Seafile itself.

There’s actually no need for having existing logfiles for that.
You just need to configure Seafile to log to rsyslog and configure that to log to a remote server.
Whether rsyslog also creates local logfiles is irrelevant for that, I think. :wink: