Table 'ccnnet_db.OrgUser' doesn't exist

I am on CE 9.0.2 and am seeing a lot of db errors in my seafile.log caused by a missing table.

2022-02-02 18:21:04 ../common/seaf-db.c(781): Failed to prepare sql SELECT group_id FROM OrgGroup WHERE group_id = ?: Table 'ccnet_db.OrgGroup' doesn't exist
2022-02-02 18:21:04 ../common/org-mgr.c(569): DB error when check group exist in OrgGroup.


2022-02-02 18:26:15 ../common/seaf-db.c(781): Failed to prepare sql SELECT t1.org_id, email, is_staff, org_name, url_prefix, creator, ctime FROM OrgUser t1, Organization t2 WHERE t1.org_id = t2.org_id AND email = ?: Table 'ccnet_db.OrgUser' doesn't exist

Should I be concerned about this?